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Alborangest understands how significant sound real estate advice is. You may need information on mortgages or selling or leasing your property. Alborangest offers three general lines of solutions to these issues.

Marketing service. Alborangest offers this service exclusively to those neighbours in their communities who need to sell their property. Alborangest makes these procedures as hassle free as possible. We prepare a valuation report and commercialization plan that includes a dossier with photos and drawings. Alborangest introduces your property to the market and is responsible for managing the sale with the most competent agencies in the region. Alborangest exclusively shows your home without sharing the key thus eliminating the need to pay any agency commissions. Alborangest is not only an agency that sells your property, but we put your interests first by providing comprehensive advice and total transparency in management.

Vacation rental service. Alborangest can rent your property for short periods and we take care of everything. We choose the rental, close the deal and then arrange the collection of the tenant. We clean the property after use and can also arrange to repair any damage including negotiating with the insurance companies if required. You simply collect the rent. Contact Alborangest for information.

Real estate advisory service. Alborangest provides legal advice and any model contracts you may need, for example, rental, reservation and deposit options, etc.


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