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Alborangest has been established as the first COMPREHENSIVE CENTRAL SERVICE concerning real estate. Above all we are property managers, and much more.

The property administrator is the person who cares and ensures the smooth running of their community, both in facilities and in human relations.

Does your community have construction problems that just do not get resolved? Are there any disputes between neighbours? Do many residents refuse to pay? Does your secretary or administrator even visit urbanization?

Address these issues and more Alborangest offers a strong commitment to quality service and immediate home care. We do not see another way of working than listening to the neighbors, discuss problems and analyzing the different possible solutions available to them.

Alborangest takes care of all the administrative burden of records management and the organization of meetings and reunions.

Alborangest develops an effective recovery plan and the updating of debtors.

Alborangest offers a comprehensive maintenance control with the intention to make the most of all available resources.

Alborangest has a clear policy for the procurement of supplies and works undertaken for the Community, and offer the best deals on the market, avoiding any kind of consideration. Thus Alborangest hire ensures great saving in the total budget of its customers.

Alborangest advises on all legal matters for the Owners and makes arrangements with the relevant Governing bodies.

Alborangest provides information in a transparent and seamless manner for the president to preside over in the privacy of their own home.

Alborangest acts as an impartial mediator between neighbors to avoid conflicts.

Alborangest is much more than a managing agent, as you will see in our dossier of services


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