Much more than a property manager

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Alborangest offers its team of professionals so that all of your Community needs are centralized.

Alborangest provides everything that a community may need in a single office management through its specialized professionals, who provide advice and their own range of preferential products Alborangest customers.

This means more economical hiring and close monitoring of important aspects such as maintenance of gardens and buildings, cleaning, labor contracts, projects, expert reports, reforms, and everything related to housing.

For example:

- Processing of all types with the Government public bodies.
- Management Accounting and tax compliance for individuals and companies.
- Legal assistance through our lawyers.
- Recruitment Insurance
- Maintenance gardens, houses and buildings.
- Decoration, and remodeling.
- Landscape and agricultural expertise
- Architecture consulting official reports, projects and monitoring of works
- Equals for architectural services, with large discounts on projects and reports
- Thermographic analysis and studies on energy efficiency of buildings.
- Exclusive real estate services for residents


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